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Bringing Bing Back

On July 8, was pleased to welcome Andrew Yang, Microsoft’s Canadian Search Evangelist, for an in-house training exercise.

Several of our staff attended a Bing training event hosted by Andrew in downtown Toronto on June 4.  We felt the whole team could benefit from his insights and invited him to join us in our office.

Andrew’s training included information on the user demographics for Bing Ads, new functions Bing has recently rolled out, and Bing Places.

Bing is responding to marketer feedback with efforts to make it easier to use, faster, and offering more data.

One of the most significant changes for Marketers working primarily with AdWords is Bing’s move to make transferring campaigns and ad groups from AdWords to Bing easier and faster.  Perhaps in recognition of Google’s greater market share, Microsoft wants to make it easy for you to migrate campaigns to Bing.  Using the Bing Importer Tool, Marketers can now easily transfer their AdWords campaigns over to Bing Ads.

Perhaps the Bing feature that grabbed our attention the most was Bing Ads Intelligence. This tool provides extremely useful features, including keyword analysis for specific pages and for your site as a whole.  Bing’s ability to scrape a page and pull out all the potential keywords it could rank for is a significant asset.  Combined with the fact that Bing Ads Intelligence is an easily downloadable add-on for excel, and you have a product you can be sure to see RankHigher using more of in the future.

Microsoft has also expanded its paid search program to include a variety of marketing opportunities, including Xbox Live, Windows 8, Skype and MSN.  For example, search queries through Windows 8’s Search function provides results for what’s on your computer, but also internet search results and the Satori results (similar to the Google Knowledge Graph) on your search subject.  You can place Bing ads in these results.

One of Bing’s most useful updates, from our perspective, is its new and improved Bing Places account.  We have consistently recommended that many of our clients embrace local search.  Every year, our entire team travels to Oleans New York to study under local search expert, Mike Blumenthals.  Microsoft is working to streamline Bing Places, making it easier to claim listings and transfer listings from Google My Business.

As an additional bonus, Andrew provided us with valuable training on Excel.  One of Bing’s significant benefits is its interoperability in with other Microsoft products.  For example, Andrew demonstrated how to modify and adjust Bing ad campaigns through Excel pivot tables. This interoperability is one of Bing’s defining selling features, and is one not to be discounted lightly.

A few other takeaways:

Rich ads

  • Ads resulting from branded searches can now include videos embedded into the ad result.
  • Andrew noted a 40-45% increase in click-through-rates


  • Allows you to import data from Bing to Google Analytics, streamlining your data collection efforts.


  • Official sites can now have favicons served in search results, helping to increase brand reach and CTRs.

RankHigher At Google Partners Event

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their “Google Partners” campaign, Google Canada invited to an exclusive event in downtown Toronto.

At their launch event last year, was honoured to be hand-picked by Google to be one of the first 30 Google Partners in the world.  Google awarded us this prestigious position  because we were one of the top performing digital marketing agencies in all of Canada.  They were impressed by the enormous business growth we were able to achieve for our clients.

This year, Google hosted the event at the stylish and contemporary Andrew Richard Designs Building. Staying true to their focus on brand simplicity, the room was entirely white and scattered with their iconic red, yellow and green branding material. The room showed flashes of their quirky “Googley” culture too – manifesting itself in a never-before-seen wall of donuts, a penny candy bar, and a loving Coca-Cola machine that dispensed cans of pop in exchange for hugs.

While we enjoyed the treats, Country Marketing Manager for Google, Sophie Chesters, announced several important developments in the Partners program.

First and foremost, Google is ramping up the number of support staff and support hours it provides to its Partners. This means we’ll get deeper insight into how Google’s suite of products operate. This is good news for our clients, who can now have more certainty that any particularly challenging or unique questions they have will be answered in a timely and thorough fashion.

Secondly, for those clients still on the fence about the merits of Advertising on Google’s Search, Display and YouTube network, “Google Breakfasts” aim to put your mind at ease. For select Partners, Google will open its offices and host joint-presentations to demonstrate to prospective clients just how powerful its Advertising tools are. may very well be hosting a Google Breakfast sometime soon, so watch this space.

The night finished on a high. We reveled at the examples of innovative Marketing methods on-display, such as the Molson Canadian Fridge that dispensed a beer to Canadians abroad, on-the-house, with a simple swipe of their Passport. And of course, there were gifts. Google presented each attendee with a Chromecast, a thumb-sized HDMI device that plugs into your TV and is able to seamlessly connect to your laptop, smartphone or tablet to your TV.

Overall, it was a brilliant night and we’d like to extend our warm gratitude to Google Canada, and more specifically, Sophie Chesters, Chris Henry & Todd Boxer.

Annual Prime CarCare Conference

Over the past weekend, September 27th-29th, members of the RankHigher team were invited to the Annual Prime CarCare Conference at the Fallsview Hotel in Niagara Falls. The conference took place over a two day span and included members of both Speedy Auto Service and Minute Muffler.

As a long standing client of RankHigher, Speedy invited us to present our key findings, SEO updates, and share the action plan moving forward to both council members, and franchise owners. It was exciting to meet, interact and enjoy a social atmosphere with different members of both the Speedy and Minute Muffler family.

We captured video testimonials from a number of franchise owners who were excited to share their experiences with interested future owners. Through these statements, we documented the essence of the Prime CarCare Group members and witnessed their ever growing community.

On the final night of the conference, we kicked back and enjoyed good food, reflected on an outstanding weekend, and socialized with new friends at a private event held at Margaritaville. We greatly enjoyed our stay in Niagara Falls and the hospitality provided by the Prime CarCare Group.

Grand Opening VIP Party For Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Bar

On Tuesday, September 17 – was invited to attend the Grand Opening VIP party for Fraticelli’s Italian Grill & Bar on Appleby Line in Burlington. We were honoured to be invited to this very special social event. recently was recently awarded the SEO contract for Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill Inc. Fraticelli’s and Turtle Jacks are part of the Tortoise Restaurant Group Inc. We are extremely excited to be working with their marketing team to help in their brand discoverability online to drive foot traffic to the restaurant locations in the campaign.

The restaurant has a wonderful décor, with high ceilings, low lighting, a vast wine cellar and a huge bar in the center of the restaurant. We were able to sample some of their delicious menu items, wines, spirits and beers. The servers were extremely friendly seemed intent on to make our evening memorable. We recommend the pizza!

This venue is great venue for that special date, the business lunch, and the large group gathering and celebration.
What resonated the most – not only with our team, but the other 300+ guests in attendance was the quality – attention to detail, exceptional food, and superb service staff. When you think of Fraticelli’s, you think quality. Period.

The event was very enjoyable, giving us a chance not only to socialize with our team but also to connect with new friends and business partners. We would like to thank everyone for their hospitality. We look forward to visiting Fraticelli’s in the future. At The Blue Jays Game

On Tuesday, August 27th – was at the Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees game at the Rogers Centre, in the heart of downtown Toronto. recently partnered with a Google re-seller and IT/networking company – Onix – as our provider for a Google Search Appliance. We were offered two tickets to the game and in a corporate box with Onix and their other business partners.

The game was a very enjoyable experience even though the Blue Jays lost. The seats were great and it was definitely a fun outing on a Tuesday night! We made new friends, connections and enjoyed the experience. We would like to thank Onix for the hospitality and opportunity.

See some shots from the game, below!