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Director of Web Development meets Matt Cutts

While attending San Francisco’s SMX West Conference, Rankhigher’s new Director of Web Development had a chance to meet with Matt Cutts.  Tyrone asked Matt about the top 10 SEO Fundamentals.  These were the ten things Matt said about good SEO.

You should not:

  • Don’t Have an Unnatural Link Profile
    • Don’t use black hat techniques to build your backlinks profile.  Many companies try to create spam on forums or blogs by commenting with their website page.  Don’t build exact match anchor text links.
  • Don’t Cloak and Use Hidden Text
    • Don’t show different information to different users.  Cloaking refers to showing different info to the google bot and your visitors.  This is bad practice.
    • Don’t use CSS to hide links on page.
  • Don’t Steal / Duplicate Content
    • Don’t steal other websites information.  Proper citation is fine but don’t copy entire web pages or sites.
  • Don’t Spin Content
    • Don’t spin content, this is creates a bad user experience.  Google’s AI can detect spun content.
  • Stuff Keywords
    • Don’t stuff keywords into your page, this is considered spam.
  • Don’t Spam Google Maps
    • Don’t create fake listings on google maps – you will get penalized if caught.
  • Don’t Create Microsites
  • Don’t Sell links
    • Don’t buy or sell links.  This is considered black hat and will get you penalized by Google.
  • Don’t Go Overboard on Ads
    • Ads are good if they are done with moderation.  Adding too many ads creates a poor user experience and google will reduce your page rank.
  • Don’t Create multiple websites to rank for the same business

    Just like Rand Fishkin said, “Search engines have metrics that they apply to pages, such as PageRank, and metrics they apply to subdomains and root domains (including things like TrustRank, various quality scores, domain level link metrics like Domain mozRank, etc.).”  Through years of experience, observation and testing, SEOs have observed some very steady patterns of behavior:

    • Individual pages benefit from being on powerful subdomains & root domains. This is why if someone copies your personal blog post on the best way to microwave burritos into Wikipedia, that page will rank far better than yours, even with the exact same content (ignoring the duplicate content issues).
    • Subdomains DO NOT always inherit all of the positive metrics and ranking ability of other subdomains on a given root domain.
    • Some subdomains GET NO BENEFIT from the root domain they’re on. These include sites like,,, and many others where anyone can create their own subdomain to begin publishing.
    • Subfolders DO appear to receive all the benefits of the subdomain they’re on and content/pages behave remarkably similarly no matter what subfolder under a given subdomain they’re put in.
    • Good internal and cross linking CAN HELP to give share the positive metrics from one subdomain to another (but not always and not perfectly).