All About RankHigher

The story of RankHigher.ca begins with eMotion Picture Studios, a video production company we founded in 1999. eMotion grew through word of mouth and built a surprising client list in just a few short years. What made its growth so incredible is that it was done with little to no advertising.

By 2002, eMotion had grown and we were looking to take our company to the next level. We invested heavily in a new website. The site was beautiful. It had great video samples; the content was fantastic. Unfortunately, nobody ever saw it. They couldn’t find it.

Our New Website Was The Single Largest Marketing Expense We’d Ever Incurred…And It Did Nothing To Stimulate Sales.

The site was built in Flash. While it was an excellent resource for those who knew our name or website address, prospects searching for our products and services couldn’t find us. Our new website was the single largest marketing expense we’d ever incurred…and it did nothing to stimulate sales. We didn’t receive even a single call due to our website. It was a tough blow to our small company and a bitter pill to swallow.

So we began to investigate. Why did some sites show up in search engine rankings while others didn’t? What similarities did they share? What techniques did they employ? We learned a lot quickly and began to use what we had learned on our site. Our rankings slowly improved and the leads started to trickle in.

Leads coming in because of our website? Exciting stuff! Our SEO experimentation on how to rank higher became more sophisticated. We entered the Canadian federal government’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development program, which shouldered some of the cost. We got better at search!

More prospects found us and became customers. Then the trickle became a flood. We know now that search engine optimization is the single most powerful B2B & B2C marketing tool available.

More Prospects Found Us And Became Customers. Then The Trickle Became A Flood.

During the summer of 2004, our clients began to comment on how easy it was to find us through search engines and asked us for help. So, we began to provide our video clients with SEO services, and soon had an impressive digital marketing client list and a flood of new business opportunities. eMotion Picture Studios was officially in the internet marketing business.

In 2008, after 4 years of incoming requests for marketing services, we made the executive decision to re-brand that department of our company, and a trade register was created for RankHigher.ca

We can tell you as business owners and marketers that we’ve never made an investment for our company with an ROI that came anywhere near what we got back from improving our search engine rankings.

Please read through our site and download our free report. If you have any questions, contact RankHigher.ca.