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We’ll discover what language resonates with your customers, and develop an SEO content creation strategy based on a customized keyword analysis designed to target the searches that happen for your products or services.  We will work to create compelling content that sells based on our keyword research, and not only drive additional traffic to your AdWords page, website or video, but ensure that it is geared towards customers who are interested in BUYING.

We’ll optimize any content for you.  From landing pages on your website, to optimized YouTube video descriptions to help make your marketing video go viral. Receive keyword research and analysis along with your finished project.   We’ll do it better.  Guaranteed.

Receive a fully developed SEO Content Creation Strategy, with monthly deliverables, Rank Tracking , and full analytic reports that show how your online presence grows month over month with

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SEO Content writing strategy

Google’s official mission statement is ” to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”  This is important to consider when developing an SEO content creation strategy for your online properties.

What does it mean? Google, and all major search engines, want to connect people to the information that is most relevant to their search queries.  When someone types in ” best restaurants in New York” for instance, they are looking for dining options in a specific geographical location.

Google’s algorithm will then select the pages, websites and videos that are most relevant to that person’s search query, and populate a result page for the user to select from.  In order to appear on the first page of those results, a business must have relevant, and useful information on it.

Developing a strong SEO content creation strategy can help ensure that you appear when and where it counts most: when interested customers are searching for your products, service or advice.  Our team can put together a customized strategy that will target the search queries that are directly connected to your company.

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Keyword Research & Analysis

Where should I start?

Keyword selection.  That’s the short answer. Keywords are another way of saying “search queries”.  It’s what people type into search engine search bars to find relevant information. In the example above, ” best restaurants in New York” is actually a keyword.

At, our team of search engine experts deliver in depth keyword research reports, which indicate how many searches occur every month for any given search term.  This helps us focus your SEO content creation strategy on the specific terms people use to find your business.

Through extensive keyword analysis, our team can determine the proper keyword density required to move your web properties up in the search results for each individual search query.  This will highlight your company’s current presence online, as well as indicate any missed opportunities that you may want to consider pursuing. For more on our keyword selection packages, or SEO content creation services, contact our SEO content writing team.

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Free SEO Content Audits

How do I know if I’m showing up for any searches on Google or not?’s SEO content creation services team is willing to perform a free content audit of your website, and indicate to you and your team what’s going well, as well as provide some recommended improvements.  Our digital marketing agency’s success comes from that of our clients.  We perform each task diligently, and with granular attention to detail.  Your free content audit will be worked on and delivered to you as though you were already a paying client. Our organized and clear report will also be inclusive of recommended next steps for your SEO content creation plan.

For more on the importance of SEO content creation, we encourage you to reach out to us here online, or pick up the phone and dial 1-877-631-5899.

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