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Google Invites For An Exclusive Strategic Initiative Event

Google invited the top 30 performing Canadian digital agencies from across the country to their Canadian head office in Toronto.  RankHigher was one of the firms invited to this exclusive event and we punched our ticket based on the accelerated growth our clients achieved in the past 6 months.

RankHigher had the good fortune of a 45 minute drive to the 111 Richmond Street, Toronto office; however other companies flew in from Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and the East Coast.

We ventured to the 12th, and then proceeded to the 14th floor – that’s where all the magic happened.  What transpired there?  What was discussed?  We wish we could share that with you however we signed a lengthy NDA preventing us to do so – See Appendix “A”

What we can tell you is that we had the good fortune of being asked to participate in an event where Google was sharing something with us that had not been released to the public at large.  We can say however that as a result of our close allegiance with Google, our current and prospective clients will benefit. employees Marc Tytus (center) and Domenic Rupolo (right) discussing Google’s latest product for agencies with Todd Boxer (left) from Google

Having hand selected the companies and individuals invited, Google took a very human approach to the event.  Google asked those in attendance for their opinions and perspectives on Google products during a collaborative discovery session.

Google expressly asked us for feedback and recommendations on how to enhance the yet-to-be-released subject matter.  Google tech support was on Google Hangouts and ready for questions and comments on all Google apps and platforms.

Michael Halbmeier, President of, at Google

Google treated their guests to an environment filled with technology and collaborative spirit.  We also had the good fortune of bringing home Google-branded items for our office and personal enjoyment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Google, and the organizers of the event.  We learned a great deal and are excited to put in to practice the training that was received.  The future is indeed a bright one.

Curtis Hayes at the treat table at Google in Toronto Christi Campbell hanging out at Google post-event

Appendix “A” – The NDA RankHigher signed prior to entrance to this highly – exclusive event: