Local Search

Local SEO Strategy

Being found on the first page in Google will have a huge impact on your sales and lead generation because there are now over three billion searches a day and growing, and 90% of us these days use online search engines. So at this very moment, someone is searching online for the products you sell and the services you offer.

If they find you, you’ve just found that most precious, important thing of all: a customer. If they don’t find you – at least on the first page of Google – you’ll lose that customer. What’s the big deal here? Well, there are thousands of potential customers out there waiting to find you. …..who aren’t finding you now.

If you get this search optimization stuff right, it will bring new dollars into your enterprise. If you get it wrong – if you think people will just automatically find your fabulous website in a world of a more than a trillion web pages — you will lose those dollars. But that’s only the start. Those people who don’t buy from you will buy from your rivals. So what’s at stake here isn’t just new revenues, but your market share.

You simply can’t beat the return on investment for SEO compared to traditional marketing. At this very moment in time someone is searching specifically for your product or service. Do you come up first?

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