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The web has quickly risen to the most popular form of pre-purchase research for most consumers. In today’s internet focused world, most people find companies to do business with using search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is why it is vital for corporations to direct their attention towards internet marketing to increase their market share. Between search engine advertising, social media and search engine optimization, internet marketing proves to be the most effective way to reach your potential customers.

RankHigher has the capabilities and know-how to boost your company’s web presence through internet marketing. We have invested our time and resources into years of research to uncover the algorithms driving Google’s ranking system. Being one of the oldest search engine optimization (SEO) companies in the world, we are a shining leader among internet marketing firms.

Don't Let Your Website Become a Billboard in the Jungle

If you’re web page is not indexed on the first page of results, it’s like putting an expensive billboard up in the middle of the jungle. You can spend thousands of dollars on a stunning web design, but your money will be wasted if people don’t find your site. There are nearly a billion websites active worldwide, and this number is growing in leaps every single day. Google chooses to display only the top 10 websites on the first page of search results; if search users don’t find your site on that first page, they most likely won’t find you at all. Instead, they will find your competition. What’s at stake is not just potential sales, but also your market share. It’s time to take your billboard out of the jungle and put it beside a highway of heavy search traffic!

We’re all about getting results the right way. We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts because we know that honest hard work pays off. Our principles of success combined with our internet marketing SEO services ensure that your site has ample trust, readability, and laser beam focus. Working in open collaboration with you, we will decide upon search terms to work towards that will increase traffic and sales for a great ROI.

Cutting Edge SEO Expertise

Google ranks a web page based on trust. There are a number of factors involved to determine this trust, including the following main three components:

  • Age: The older your site is, the more trusted it is.
  • Links: When other web pages with relevant information link to your site, their trust is transferred to your level of trust.
  • Readability: You’re site must be “readable” for Google. This means proper site indexing, cache of your site’s content, and sorting out any navigational errors.

Our internet marketing approach to SEO involves both on-page and off-page efforts to build trust to your site and make sure Google ranks your pages for the terms your target market is searching before making their buying decision. We employ a qualified team of web developers and designers, copywriters and marketing professionals, all experts of SEO, to work together to reach our clients’ internet marketing goals.

On-page efforts include optimizing copy and tags and creating laser beam focused landing pages for every product or service you provide. Off-page efforts mainly consist of negotiating trusted links to boost rankings. Providing each client with monthly detailed progress reports, you will be able to clearly see the changes to your Google rankings for each keyword we target.

Search Engine Marketing Experts

We can leverage search engine marketing (SEM) to increase your impact on customers looking for your product. As a Google Adwords partner and a team of Accredited Bing Ads Professionals, we are extremely capable to host internet marketing campaigns that result in a significant ROI. Advertising through search engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing is on a paid-per-click basis. You have the flexibility to choose endless field customizations to target your potential customers. With no minimum spend, even the most limited budget can be successful with the right internet marketing firm running the campaign.

SEM has the advantage of competitive intelligence. Through campaign analysis and A/B testing, we can find the precise language that lead to the most conversions on your site. This information is extremely valuable for your business to write call to actions that really resonate with your customers. Trust RankHigher to manage your search engine internet marketing and we will allocate your funds into the most effective campaign possible.

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Calgary, AB Edmonton, AB Halifax, NS Hamilton, ON Mississauga, ON
Montreal, QC Ottawa, ON Toronto, ON Vancouver, BC Winnipeg, MB

Leveraging search engine internet marketing is the key to tapping in to new markets to increase sales. Get in touch with a representative at RankHigher through our contact form or by phone at 1-877-631-5899 and boost your revenue today!