Link Building

Why get other websites to link to yours?

Simple. Links equal trust. When trusted websites within your industry link to yours, it tells search engines that your site is trustworthy and deserves a high ranking. A site without links is highly unlikely to show up on the first page of a search.

What we do

Our team scours the Internet looking for link opportunities related your industry, service or products. We evaluate the website domain, the page, the placement, the anchor text and several other factors to determine the quality of links and predict their impact on the search engine ranking of your website. We work with webmasters to get a link to your website placed on the best sites in order to improve your ranking.

What we don’t do

Outsourcing! We never outsource your project to subcontractors. Some SEO techniques can have a disastrous effect on your ranking and cause Internet-based sales and lead generation to plummet. We have tight quality control and follow standard procedures to ensure we don’t do anything that could damage your rankings or reputation. All the work is performed on our premises by full time employees.

Directory submission. Directories are Internet listing of companies, usually broken down into categories. Submitting a website to directories for categorization can build large numbers of links very quickly. Unfortunately, directory links have almost no impact on your search rankings. Our research has shown that a few quality links can outperform hundreds or even thousands of directory links.

Reciprocal and three-way linking. Reciprocal linking is link trading: offering to link to another website in exchange for a link from their site. Your webmaster likely receives hundreds of these requests each month. Reciprocal linking was successful for a short time, but the search engines quickly adjusted and now discount the trust related to the link.

Link brokers. Link brokers sell links from an inventory of websites. Many of these links can be of low quality and, in the eyes of a search engine, can tarnish your website’s reputation by grouping your site with non-reputable websites. Guilty by association! Most search engines are able to detect and find the sites selling links and don’t count those links towards their rankings. Unfortunately, many search marketers spend thousands of dollars on paid links that are ignored by search engines.