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Mobile Or Fully Responsive Designs | Benefits To Your Business

Having a website with your product or service on it, isn’t enough to attract and keep customers. Nowadays, consumers are accessing information from more than one platform, and it is crucial that your website allows for effortless usability and readability. Without these vital features, it is unlikely that your sales will maintain, let alone improve.

46% of internet searches are conducted on a mobile device; this includes smart phones and tablets Although the majority of users are still at their desktops, you are ignoring a massive demographic of your users due to the functionality of your website.

In order to reach all potential customers, on all available search platforms, you need to upgrade the functionality of your website, i.e. mobile responsive websites and fully responsive websites. A great example of a fully responsive website we designed was for a Vancouver personal injury lawyer.

Mobile Responsive Website Designs

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a popular search tool. Users have the ability to complete tasks on their mobile devices, from start to finish. Whether it is booking a hotel or purchasing tickets to a concert, users are accessing websites on the go, at the moment in time they think of a product.

What happens if your website doesn’t provide users with the smooth experience they hope for when completing a purchase? People love simplicity and ease. If your website does not provide the same effortlessness on a mobile device as it does on a desktop, you are guaranteed to lose customers.

The Benefits Of A Mobile Response Website For Your Business

Mobile responsive websites are a large task, but with the right web team, your new website can be launched within 10 days of your approval. Your mobile website is automatically synced with your desktop website.

It is important that additional analytics for mobile website performance are added to your campaign so you can track how well your website is performing. Simple or minor changes to your website theme are easy to make.

Overall, you will see an increase in engagement from your users, as well as an increase in the time spent on your website. A bounce rate is the percentage of users that visit your website, and leave immediately due to poor user engagement, or lack of relevance. You will see your bounce rate drop significantly because your user experience has improved to meet the quality needed to support mobile devices.

The Benefits Of  Mobile Responsive Websites For The User

A mobile responsive website improves the overall user experience. Due to the increase of mobile device searches, it is important that you are reaching all audiences. You don’t want to limit yourself to just those using a desktop. 46% of all searches on the internet are from mobile devices. 22% of mobile device users will purchase from their phone.  If this 46% cannot read the content on your website, or navigate through your website, they will not purchase your product or service.

A mobile responsive website has content that can be seen clearly, without having to zoom in or scroll horizontally. When a website is designed to work with a mobile device, it makes it easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for with ease.

Fully Responsive Website Designs

Fully responsive websites are designed to adjust to all screen sizes. Whether it’s a cell phone, an iPad, a laptop or a television screen, the website will modify itself. Although desktops are the most popular devices for search, for now, mobile devices still facilitate high search traffic. As mentioned before, you don’t want to limit your audience by only appealing to users with desktops.

A fully responsive website design will allow for readability and usability on all platforms. The website will adjust to the size of the screen the user is searching on. You will have a tailored website to each and every potential customer.

The Benefits Of A Fully Responsive Website For Your Business

Although building a fully responsive website can be a daunting task, if you find a fair and talented web team, there are so many advantages to your business. One of the benefits of a responsive website is that they are fully customizable. Your website’s look and functionality are completely up to you. You can make it a unique representation of your brand. It also allows for a competitive advantage over your competitors because not all businesses are fully aware of the benefits of a fully responsive website.

In addition, a fully responsive website is a future proof option for your website. Five years ago, mobile phones and tablets were not used for search. The use of these devices for search has only becoming popular in the recent years. Five or ten years from now, you want your website and business to be relevant. With a fully responsive website, your website will adapt to whatever the new technological phase is of the time.

The Benefits Of A Fully Responsive Website For The User

A fully responsive website is easy to use and engages users quickly. By formatting the website to the custom screen of each user, the simplicity makes for an easy and enjoyable experience. The website will load fast, and improve the readability.

Users will no longer have to “pinch and scroll;” they can easily access content that is flexible and adjustable. It also accelerates rending on the user’s side. Overall, a positive user experience that leads to increased user engagement and product sales.

The Best Option For Your Business

The advantages of mobile responsive and fully responsive websites are undeniable. The question becomes which is the better option for your business.  If you currently have a website that you are happy with, but have noticed an increase in your mobile traffic, a mobile responsive design would be the best option for you. This will decrease your bounce rate and allow for simple navigation for those users on a mobile device. On the other hand, if you are open to the possibility of a rebuild, a fully responsive design is a great choice. Your website will appeal to audiences from all devices, inlcuding mobile devices.

It’s best to find a trusted web team who can give you suggestions on the best design for your website, and your business model. The key to sales is providing users with the best experience on your website, no matter what device they are using to search.