Our Methods for SEO

Everyone wants to improve their search engine ranking. Consider the sheer number of prospects searching for your product or service that can’t find you: it’s maddening!

Search is very competitive. Some search terms are extremely difficult to win, like ‘golf’. Others aren’t quite as tough, like ‘acoustic tiles’. But there are no shortcuts. There is no secret sauce. There are many common sense things that you can do to improve your ranking, most of which we detail in our free Report.

There are also a score of great (and proprietary) techniques learned through painstaking effort and experimentation. There are eye-tracking and algorithmic techniques that predict the behaviour of humans and search engines. We perform government-funded research into Google algorithms. We also test our concepts with websites specially constructed just for that purpose.

One thing that we never do is try to cheat a search engine. The people working at Google and Yahoo are the best and the brightest. These companies have teams working day and night to beat the cheats and blacklist websites that use black hat techniques and don’t play by the rules.

In the blink of an eye, a website can plummet from number one to number 3,245,739. Just for employing techniques that are outside of Google’s Terms of Service.

So we play by the rules. We do all of the common sense things that we have discovered raise website search rankings. We employ our proprietary techniques. And it’s all above board. Because the last thing that we want to do is to get your website to number one…only to have it drop down to number 3,245,739.