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Mississauga Business Times
Published: April 2007

Each year the internet is grabbing a bigger chunk of business marketing budgets. A new seminar, held last month at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, gave senior executives a top-level view of strategies they can use to compete, and win in this dynamic marketing medium.

“SEO for the CEO™”, presented by Scott Wilson of Burlington firm eMotion Digital Marketing, showed how companies can take advantage of new search engine optimization techniques to attract more customers to their websites and keep them there longer to make a buying decision.

In 2004, an Encarta study found 63.9 percent of business purchasing decisions were search engine based. The business owners and senior executives at the morning seminar were briefed on steps their staff could take to ensure that websites were found and listed by search engines, including these common website setup do’s and don’ts.

1. Don’t have flash or JavaScript on your opening page as it makes ir more difficult for search engines to read your site.
2. Instead, build websites in HTML and embed flash into an HTML page. This can give you a great look of flash but is still readable to the search engines.
3. Your website server file structure should be shallow and the pages should be loose. Only go one folder deep for photos and movies. Stay away from sub-folders containing sub-folders.
4. Develop as many “incoming links” from other websites as possible.

“Over ten billion dollars will be spent specifically on SEO marketing in the USA this year,” said Wilson. “The internet can produce amazing sales results.” A second SEO for the CEO seminar at the Living Arts Centre is planned for the fall.

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