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3 Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Brand Online

You worked hard to create a brand, make it recognizable, and create a brand strategy.  You did this to open more doors for yourself while being recognizable to the public.  It’s important that you receive all the benefits from your hard work.  Below we have the top 3 easiest ways to keep your online brand safe.  Most of these initiatives will not cost you anything.

1.) Claim Your Domain and Its Variations

Buy your domain and all the popular TLD’s for it (.com, .ca, .info, .org, .net) as well as variations of your brand (plural, non-plural, hyphenated, past tense, etc.).   This will prevent other companies from using your reputation to gain your business.  Without taking preventative measures ($10/year for each domain), it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in court fees to re-claim these domains if someone else registers them.  We may or may not be speaking from experience.

2.) Claim Your Social Media Handles

Even if you don’t have a plan for them yet, you should have all branded handles for the most popular social media platforms (and non-branded if you can find it. Below are social media properties we recommend which include claiming your handles in addition to some tips you can use that allows you to do less work and not have to continually update all of your social media platforms (although we do recommend updating content regularly).

You will need over 100 likes in order to change your url to be branded. You can only change it once so make sure its spelt properly and is branded. Set up your page with your logo as the profile and a cover photo related to your company. Maybe the facility you work from or some products. (We do social media page set up as an a la carte service).

If you already have a Google Places account do not make a Google+ account. They are in the process of migrating them over. If you don’t have a Places account make a Google+ account. If you have a franchise and no places account. Call us.

Make an account and make playlists of related videos. Make a branded page with a background and profile picture. We specialize in video content for social media!

This is most likely only relevant to your business if you are in the entertainment industry. Claim the name to protect your brand image.

A twitter account is easily set up and automated. If you want to schedule tweets we recommend the buffer app!

Make a business profile and customize it with your logo and services. This can be time consuming however one of your most important profiles

Make and account and create pin boards with your own pins. Infographics, pictures, tips on your industry and photos of events.

Claim your name, let one person instagram your work world.

Most important of all, link the profiles together when you can.

3.) Google Your Brand Name… Often

You never know what other people are writing about your company online.  You can’t stop people from posting negative comments about your business online, but you can respond.  Try and make their negative experience a positive one!  Reply to posts where you can.  At the very least it shows you care about your clients experience with your brand.  Once you find postings of your brand, determine whether you have control of the content or another user.  For example, some accounts you can just simply change your privacy settings so no one can see tags, giving you , more control of what is visible but not of what is out there.  You can also see what accounts have been automatically generated for your brand and take steps towards claiming them.  The more you claim the more control you have on what is posted about your brand.   A great strategy to keeping up to date on what is being published is using googles “Me on the Web” and searching for yourself and your brand, and setting up google alerts for your brand name and variations.  Getting regular alerts will keep you current on what is being published about you.