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RankHigher At Google Partners Event

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their “Google Partners” campaign, Google Canada invited to an exclusive event in downtown Toronto.

At their launch event last year, was honoured to be hand-picked by Google to be one of the first 30 Google Partners in the world.  Google awarded us this prestigious position  because we were one of the top performing digital marketing agencies in all of Canada.  They were impressed by the enormous business growth we were able to achieve for our clients.

This year, Google hosted the event at the stylish and contemporary Andrew Richard Designs Building. Staying true to their focus on brand simplicity, the room was entirely white and scattered with their iconic red, yellow and green branding material. The room showed flashes of their quirky “Googley” culture too – manifesting itself in a never-before-seen wall of donuts, a penny candy bar, and a loving Coca-Cola machine that dispensed cans of pop in exchange for hugs.

While we enjoyed the treats, Country Marketing Manager for Google, Sophie Chesters, announced several important developments in the Partners program.

First and foremost, Google is ramping up the number of support staff and support hours it provides to its Partners. This means we’ll get deeper insight into how Google’s suite of products operate. This is good news for our clients, who can now have more certainty that any particularly challenging or unique questions they have will be answered in a timely and thorough fashion.

Secondly, for those clients still on the fence about the merits of Advertising on Google’s Search, Display and YouTube network, “Google Breakfasts” aim to put your mind at ease. For select Partners, Google will open its offices and host joint-presentations to demonstrate to prospective clients just how powerful its Advertising tools are. may very well be hosting a Google Breakfast sometime soon, so watch this space.

The night finished on a high. We reveled at the examples of innovative Marketing methods on-display, such as the Molson Canadian Fridge that dispensed a beer to Canadians abroad, on-the-house, with a simple swipe of their Passport. And of course, there were gifts. Google presented each attendee with a Chromecast, a thumb-sized HDMI device that plugs into your TV and is able to seamlessly connect to your laptop, smartphone or tablet to your TV.

Overall, it was a brilliant night and we’d like to extend our warm gratitude to Google Canada, and more specifically, Sophie Chesters, Chris Henry & Todd Boxer.