Reputation Management


  • Claiming & Optimizing
    • If your business listing needs to be claimed, verified and optimized, we will ensure it is to current best practice standards
  • Interconnecting
    • Each location will be strengthened online via cross-validating – ensuring all social review and listing pages point to each other for the purpose of accuracy and relevance
  • Checking for Consistency
    • Verify the business name, address, phone number and other key information is populated across the top local search listings and consistent for all locations

Online Reviews

  • Monitoring & prioritizing
    • Reviews will be tracked, managed and engaged from a single cloud-based dashboard
    • Insights can be provided on the store local, regional or national level
    • Insights will be filtered and flagged based on positive, neutral and negative sentiment
    • Trends will be reported including which sites are getting the most visibility and having the biggest impact
    • Identification of all reviews as a brand and individual store including regional experiences across social sites, blog sites, microsites and review sites/accounts
  • Boosting Star Ratings & Spread
    • Automatically request more positive reviews
  • Responding & Amplifying
    • Work with you to respond and resolve any negative review that requires immediate attention

Social Media

  • Claiming & Optimizing
    • If required, we will set up, claim and optimize your social media channels
  • Developing a strategic social plan
    • We will work with you to put together a strategic, meaningful social media program
  • Responding & Interacting
    • With our service you will be able to quickly and easily monitor all social channels from one dashboard and be empowered to respond quickly and effectively to ensure there is a great conversation with your brand advocates


  • Syncing online & offline
    • We make it easy for customers to leave feedback at your store location through digital kiosks, as well as through email-based surveys
  • Keep problems offline
    • Our solution allows you to ask your customers for feedback and provide a forum for interaction and ensure if there are issues with their experiences you can keep it offline and private. Think of it as proactive online reputation management
  • Learn from consumer responses
    • Customer responses can provide invaluable insights into business operations and brand experiences across all touchpoints with your business


  • Track Trends
    • Measure reviews by week and see your average star rating. Look at trends to see if your review rating is going up or down
  • Setting Alerts
    • Through our system you can configure email alerts so that you are aware if someone has left a negative review. This can empower you to provide timely follow up and mitigate the situation
  • Regular Reporting
    • Regular reporting in automated fashion via weekly or monthly snapshots to provide you detail – lots or just a little, it’s up to you.

Benchmarking & Scoring

  • Assess Local Competitors
    • See how your competition is doing with their reputation. Are you ahead or behind? Is there anything you can learn from what they are doing? Find out through our platform
  • Set Benchmarks, then improve on them
    • Set the benchmark you are aiming for when it comes to star ratings. Then shoot for the stars!
  • Industry Insights
    • Different industries have different review and reputation standards. See how you stack up compared to the industry average and top performers in your space.

Location Alignment

  • Scale efforts easily
    • For large, multi-location organization you will be empowered to collect data centrally, and then distribute to individual users and stakeholders as needed. You’ll be able to measure performance geographically, by area of responsibility, or down to the local store level
  • Communicate with stakeholders easily, efficiently
    • Data and distribution can be configured based on the appropriate team member requirements
  • Train Local Managers for company-wide reputation goals
    • We will train local managers to understand where their store performance rankings in relation to the entire organization and network