Search Engine Marketing

Rankhigher’s Partnetship with Google

RankHigher is a Google Partner, which means Google has established that we are an Internet marketing company that understands and follows optimal procedures to run powerful and profitable campaigns within Google’s terms of service. Our partnership enables more direct communication with Google specialists and access to private resources that can enhance your account with us.

At RankHigher, our team is Google certified for Google’s PPC program, AdWords. This means we have the knowledge to properly and effectively manage your account. We provide you with actionable reporting that tracks click conversions and statistics on your ad placements and click through ratio. We capture valuable information about your traffic that gives you advanced lead generation data. We integrate with your CRM eCommerce to track how many PPC’s turn into sales and how many telephone calls were generated by your website.


Our Expertise

It’s like turning on a tap of Internet traffic to your site. Your PPC campaign is completely customizable so you can control your rankings and keywords while measuring the variables. This allows you to accurately analyze your Return on Investment (ROI) and adjust your campaign for fast, optimal results. Ads can appear the same day as a campaign starts.

Our expertise in SEM enables endless customizations and targeting specifications including location, time of search and as many keywords as you prefer. We’ll work within your budget; you choose exactly how much you want to spend and we’ll allocate your funds into the most effective ad campaign with your return on investment in mind!

RankHigher’s Internal Edge With Bing

RankHigher is devoted to remaining up-to-date with optimal search engine marketing techniques. We actively build partnerships with the most important companies to SEM like Google and Bing. These partnerships are what gives us an inside edge on best practices for campaigns. RankHigher was visited by one of Bing’s own professionals for in depth training and secrets for success. With 14 Bing Ads Accredited Professionals on the team, RankHigher is the most accredited SEM company in Canada to run Bing Ads campaigns. If you want the most qualified company in the country to run your Bing Ads, trust RankHigher!

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