Search Engine Optimization

Putting Your Website In The Path Of Prospects

Internet search is an incredible opportunity for your business. Millions of potential customers, from all around the world are searching keywords related to your business all the time, but if you aren’t ranked within the first page they aren’t finding you.

That’s where we can help. Like it says in our name, we get you to rank higher. Putting your website in the path of prospects at a time when they are preparing to make a purchasing decision. Our team of webmasters and internet marketers have spent years reviewing Google patents and writing proprietary search software to learn everything we can about how search algorithms work. In addition our entire team has the designation of Google Qualified Individual. Our research has been continually awarded government grants and our success with clients has gained the attention of The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Financial Post and Profit Magazine to name a few.

Let us put our expertise to work on your site. We’ll build a campaign to optimize internal and external factors that influence trust in your website and improve your rankings. Every step of the way we provide you with actionable reporting that tracks your rankings and graphs your progress. Our reports provide an analysis of all activities involved with your campaign allowing you to accurately measure your Return on Investment (ROI) and adjust your campaign to maximize your return. We manage both SEO and SEM campaigns. Our success is based on your success.

Lots of people promise effective search engine optimization (SEO). Some of them know less than you do right now. How do you tell the fakes from the real McCoy? is Canada’s best-performing SEO shop. It’s all we do and we have been making a very good living at it for more than 10 years.

Stumbling Upon SEO

It began by accident. Over ten years ago, our sister business,, had a new website built. It was beautiful, and the single biggest marketing expense we had ever incurred. But unless someone typed the name of the company into a search engine, they couldn’t find it.

Call that good Internet marketing? Hardly. Then we started looking into it. Our website was built in Flash, which no one could see. So we rebuilt it. We tweaked this and that and soon the sales leads started to trickle in. Then the trickle became a flood. Our corporate video customers began to ask if we could do the same thing for them. was born.

We got a S.R.E.D. grant from the Government of Canada to do more SEO research, we bought Google Minis to mimic search engine results, and experimented with hundreds of versions of landing pages. After a lot of work and a ton of testing, we began to get top 3 Google placement results for terms important to our clients’ businesses.

Our SEO Knowledge, Put To Work For You

Now we’ll put your website in the path of prospects. Think about that: putting your website in the path of prospects. That’s exactly what SEO does. When someone is actively looking to buy what you sell, whether it’s a product or a service, that’s when you want to draw their attention. That’s when you want them to find you.

You can put an ad in the newspaper for the widgets you sell, but perhaps only 1 in 500 people seeing that ad want a widget. But if prospects are looking for that widget online and they find you instead of your competitor, sales will skyrocket.

It’s a question that everyone asks. And it’s a good question. The answer is that we’ve learned the art, we’ve applied the science and we’ve got it down to a formula. That’s not to say that one size fits all. Your business is like no other, so content needs to be customized accordingly. Search terms important to your business will not be the exact same for any other business, including your competitors’.

What it does mean is that with relatively little effort, we can apply our SEO knowledge to your organization. Our current internet marketing special offers are far less than we used to charge, and it’s exceptional value. It won’t cover all of your needs forever, but it’s an extremely good start.

SEO Is Predicated on 3 Things

And it has less to do with fancy code than it has to do with basic concepts. It does involve a lot of knowledge and testing. The Internet continues to evolve from week to week, and so do search engines. SEO combines mathematics, language smarts and a precise knowledge of human behavior. It also entails a set of complex algorithms.

But good SEO is built upon three simple rules:

  • Search engines have to trust your website
  • The content of your website needs to be transparent so that search engines can see it
  • Search engines have to see only one topic per page of content

Those are the basics, and everything flows from that. If you are serious about getting results from your website, our offering is for you. To find out more, email us at or call 1-877-631-5899. We wish you success, and we’ll see you online.