SEO Web Design

Guaranteed to Drive Traffic

Like to create mini-websites that score top rankings on Google? has been doing exactly that for more than 10 years, and we’ve just come out with a new special offers on internet marketing packages.

You probably know as well as we do that search engine optimization is the smartest kind of marketing you can do. Just think: people that want to buy what you offer are looking for you. But they can’t find you. SEO is hundreds of times more effective than push marketing techniques like advertising and email newsletters. Plus, when you get it up and running, the leads keep flowing in.

The truth is that few companies are aware of the importance of Web design to SEO, and few are practicing any SEO at all. More than ten years after we got our start, the market is as wide open as ever in some business categories. In more competitive categories, you can still win search for niche markets if you know what you’re doing…because the other truth is that most people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to effective Web design for SEO. Amazing but true.

Web design is also responsible for the interface that people see when they come to your site. It’s got to be appealing and intuitive, otherwise they won’t stick around. We will take this into account when we build you an SEO-engineered microsite.

Optimal Web design

We learned about Web design the hard way. When our sister company, got its start, we had a great new website built. It was a thing of beauty, but unless someone typed in the URL directly, you couldn’t find it. It was made in Flash, a programming language that search engines can’t read.

We rebuilt our website to be read on the Web. Design was always a factor, and remained so as it evolved. We became interested in Internet marketing for our own company. As we learned, we changed our own website and soon the sales leads began to flow. Then the flow became a torrent and eMotion’s corporate video clients started asking us if we could do the same for them. was born.

Since then, we have become expert at designing Web mini sites that produce results. We have experimented with hundreds of versions of pages, testing them on Google to find out which resonate the best. Our success has got to do with copy, with algorithms, with layout, links and Web design. When you get the mix just right, it’s magic.

We always go back to the Web Design basics

With RankHigher, there are no shortcuts. We don’t practice ‘black hat’ SEO techniques that can send you to the bottom of Google’s search rankings. Everything we do is predicated on the three golden rules of good SEO Web design:

  • Your website has to build trust with search engines
  • Web content must be transparent to search engines
  • Each page of content must focus on only one topic

Everything we do is based on these three rules. So come discover why RankHigher clients are seeing such success. If you are serious about a microsite that actually drives Web traffic to your business, you’re in the right place. To find out more or to see examples of our SEO success, email us or call us at 1-877-631-5899. We wish you success, and we’ll see you online.