Social Media Marketing


Social media optimization means creating interest in your website through online social media with the use of social networking tools. Social Media gives your customers the chance to interact and connect to your website. When you create and give relevant information about your website to your customers through Social Media, you can create customer retention.

Scott Wilson,’s CEO, speaks about the importance of SEO and SMO in the clip above. He mentions that when a potential customer is searching for your product, Google and other search engines are showing that customer ten of your rivals, at the same time. It is essential to have not just a presence on Social Media, but a strong one.  When you are easily searched and found by potential customers, it is a way for them to connect with you, and a way for them to share you with the rest of the world on Social Media.


Leveraging SMO

To leverage SMO, the most popular communication channels are:

Social Media Optimization can positively influence your website and end users through the benefits of:

  • Increased visitors to influence page ranks since SMO is being driven from referral sites
  • Decreased bounce rates from useful content and link building to many areas on your website
  • Increased customer loyalty from more product and brand awareness when effectively managed through all SMO communication channels

While the success of SEO hinges on high-ranking content, the success of SMO focuses on high-ranking reputation. In other words, people need to really like and connect with something about your company or product/service offering. The name of the game is ‘community-building’: building a community of interest around your website and your business. How do we do this? In several ways:

  • Your content may be of interest to readers at sites like Twitter that provide a forum for users to vote on new content. In this way, visitors decide what’s hot and what’s not.
  • You may have a product or service that some part of the online community wants to learn more about. Facebook and similar social networking sites are great venues for discussion and further learning.

For example, we have a client that makes carpet without formaldehyde. We bet that was worth talking about, and guess what?  They now have several hundred thousand ‘friends’ on Facebook, Twitter, and other SMO sites through the influence of that topic.  Your community is built on key interests, and can be converted to a customer base without spending thousands of dollars to generate.

If people subscribe to your website, they spread the word and soon your site is turning up on websites like StumbleUpon and YouTube. News of your fantastic website content goes ‘viral’, whipping around the Internet and earning you dedicated fans and vastly improved search rankings.

Viral Videos Can Help Create More Traffic!

Now you know just how essential SMO is to your website. It’s an important way to connect customers to your brand, share messages and/or new products. Viral videos can help create more traffic and visits from customers! The way the tens of millions of people online share, is obviously with each other. And what are they sharing? Things that are popular, makes them laugh and are entertaining.

There is a way for companies to grasp onto the fast moving train of viral videos! Viral video’s can easily be placed onto Youtube or Google, attached with a company’s promotion at the end. When the video’s content is relatable to the company, viewers will be more willing and interested to click onto a URL to bring them to the main company website.

Using video has the chance to bring your website to life. Video’s contain sound, movement and picture’s that can further your website’s brand and personality. Also, using video’s can create customer retention because they will be constantly checking back to see what has been updated on your website or Social Media.

SEO + SMO = Success

When SMO works, it works really well. Traffic can increase to millions of visitors overnight. Search engines take notice, visitors create links from their blogs or websites to yours and your ranking goes up. And people start buying more of your lemonade! The best thing is that SMO complements SEO: good, relevant content is essential for both kinds of optimization to work.

If you would like to learn more about our Social Marketing Optimization and Viral Video techniques, contact RankHigher for a no-obligation discussion of your needs!