Jasmine Berlingieri


Jasmine Berlingieri is currently a student at Ryerson University who is working to obtain a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She hopes to one day pursue graduate studies, with a focus on behavioural neuroscience. Her background in psychology provides an evidence-based perspective on the visual and auditory cues that call an individual to take action. She has a creative edge, an eye for colour, and a passion for speaking and lecturing. Her visual and verbal acuity, in combination with her extensive knowledge of the human mind, makes her a unique asset to the content creation team.

Jasmine has lived in Burlington, Ontario her whole life, but travels nationally and internationally with her family on a regular basis. Her hobbies include creative writing, reading, and skiing. She has had a lifelong passion for music and has played the guitar since she was eleven years old. In her free time, she seeks out local concerts with her father, who shares her love for all things musical.