Joe Berlingieri


Joseph Berlingieri is currently an undergraduate student at Ryerson University with an eye toward post graduate studies. Joseph has had a varied academic background thus far in his undergraduate career having studied philosophy and journalism. With a diversified background comes a skill set that lends itself well to the refinement of content and ideas. He is passionate about language and enjoys utilizing his understanding of language and writing to bring marketing projects to a broader audience.

Joseph has lived in Burlington, Ontario for most of his life and enjoys spending time with friends and family when his academic studies and work schedule allow him to do so. He enjoys the outdoors and has a great deal of hobbies ranging from kayaking and camping in the summer months to skiing and ice fishing in the winter months. However, reading is quite possibly his favourite pastime. These interests have been cultivated from having spent a large portion of his life traveling the world. Traveling has taught him to love different countries and cultures as well as appreciate the wealth of life experience and knowledge they have to offer.