Viral Videos

About Our Videos

Corporate videos serve many purposes. They are used for training, to give an overview of the company, for orientation, and to support sales. We know a lot about videos because our sister company,, does nothing but create compelling corporate videos. is all about search engine optimization, which is the art and science of getting Google to rank your website at the top of search results for terms important to your business.

By combining the skills of our two companies, we produce viral videos that drive traffic. By ‘viral video’ we mean a video that people pass on to others. A video so popular that people can’t wait to share it. And by optimizing the video for Web, we make each visit count.

State-of-the-art viral videography

Our viral videos are professionally scripted and filmed. We have a modern green screen studio, meaning that whatever background you want in your video—from an actor walking in a pure white space, to you sitting on a bench in a park—we can do. Our camera equipment is cutting edge. It’s a brand new RED Epic Digital Cinema camera; the kind used to make feature-length films. You won’t find a better-provisioned video shop anywhere.

Website visitors watch video, search engines take note

Here’s how viral videos work to increase your search engine ranking. Every time website visitor plays your video, search engines are aware. They notice that a player has been started, and that someone is looking at your website. And because people stay on web pages with video longer than web pages with just words, the video pages are assigned a higher ‘stickiness’ rating, increasing the overall ‘interest index’ of your site, which places you higher in search engine rankings. The more views, the better your ranking. That’s the secret of success with viral videos.

Exclusive video search

Have you noticed that you can search news, maps and other things on Google? You can also search just videos. And the viral videos tend to come up first. So the more videos your website carries, the more visitors you are likely to get, which increases your search ranking, which brings you more video viewers, and on and on. Your website will outperform your competitors’, bringing you more traffic and consequently sales. A lot of your success will be due in part to viral videos.

The key to videos and search

Your videos have to engage, they have to be professionally scripted and shot. They have to get your point across clearly. For viral video, they also have to have tremendous appeal. But there are a few things that we always borrow from SEO to inform the scripting and filming of viral videos.

You probably know the basics of SEO, but just in case, let’s review. SEO is built upon three simple rules:

  1. Search engines have to be able to trust your website
  2. Website content needs to be transparent to search engines
  3. Search engines need to find only one topic per page of content

Those are the basics, and everything flows from that. When it comes to making videos viral, we have to take these things into account, optimizing for you to get you the best result.

If you are serious about getting sales results from your website, you need viral video. To find out more, contact us. We wish you success, and we’ll see you online.