Web Video Production

Rankhigher, in partnership with our sister company eMotion Picture Studios,  has created hundreds of  web video productions. eMotion Picture Studios creates the videos, and we promote those videos to ensure that they reach thousands of customers and potential customers.

Why have video on your website?

Web videos serve many purposes. They can be used for training, promotion, customer engagement and much much more.

Increased Search Engine Traffic

Every time a website visitor plays your video, the search engines are aware. They notice that a player has been started, and that someone is looking at your website. People will stay on a web pages with video, longer than web pages with just words.  The video pages are assigned a higher ‘stickiness’ rating, increasing the overall ‘interest index’ of your site, which places you higher in search engine rankings.

Additionally, have you noticed that you can search news, maps and other things on Google?  You can also search for just videos. And the most popular videos tend to come up first. So the more videos your website carries, the more visitors you are likely to get.  Your website will outperform your competitors’, bringing you more traffic, and consequently sales.

Increased Visitor Engagement

In the early 2000’s, the average internet user was used to going to a website and reading pages and pages of text. Nowadays, when people surf the net, they expect to find engaging and entertaining video content.  Say you want to explain the many benefits of your product.  Would your users rather read a bunch of technical specs, or watch an informative video video production that highlights the key features?  Compelling web videos help you keep your visitors on your webpage, and makes it easier for them to digest the information you are providing. Think of your web video production as a hard working sales agent, who never takes a vacation, never sleeps, and can inform countless customers at once.


Why should Rankhigher produce your video?

Red Epic

Red Epic Camera

We are very serious about web video production. That is why we have invested in top of the line equipment, like our Red Epic camera.  The Red Epic is the camera of choice of most blockbuster movies shot in hollywood (such as, The Hobbit, and Transformers),  we use that same quality for your video production.

Even through your website-users are watching only a short video on your website, we feel that they still should be treated to a truly cinematic experience.

Green Screen

Green Screen Set

Green screens have been used in the industry for everything from weather reports to epic space battles.  And guess what?  The sky is the limit for you as well, because at Rankhigher, we have a large green screen ready to use for your web video. Using the green screen, we can easily add your colours and branding to your web video,  and if your branding changes, we can easily change your video to match your new colours.

Combining Web and Video Expertise

Your videos have to engage, they have to be professionally scripted and shot. They also have to reach your audience. Thats where the combined experience of Rankhigher and eMotion Picture Studios comes into play.  Not only will we produce a polished professional video you can be proud of, but we will also use our internet marketing knowledge, and experience to ensure that video gets viewed by its target audience, your customers..

If you are serious about getting sales results from your website, you need a web video production. To find out more, contact us.


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