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Why We Became Bing Ads Certified

In an effort to remain up to date with SEM best practices, RankHigher was visited by Andrew Yang of Bing in early May for an in-depth training session on Bing Ads. Our entire team was given the opportunity to achieve their accredited Bing Ads Professional status as Andrew walked them through the interface and marketing tools.

RankHigher team with Andrew Yang of Bing (middle).

Andrew revisited the office on May 24th to complete the training session and perform the accreditation exam. RankHigher is pleased to announce the success of their team in earning their Accredited Professional Bing Ads status. At this time, a total of 14 employees at RankHigher are Accredited Bing Ads Professionals, making us the most certified internet marketing company in Canada!

Advanced New SEM Capabilities

Bing was generous enough to give out branded merchandise to the entire office, including water bottles, fountain pens, notebooks, stickers and luggage tags.

BingAds has a comprehensive user interface in which ads can be modified extensively to target or exclude specific keywords and locations. Bing Ads creates content, search and mobile based advertisements. Similar to Google Adwords, the interface features detailed report running and ad performance results. Bing has a unique “quality score” rating which calculates how relevant your ad and landing page is to its keywords. This quality score is extremely useful because for ads coming back with a below average score, Bing will predict for users what sort of extra conversions they could reach if they made an effort to raise their quality score.

Extend Your Reach To Millions of Yahoo and Bing Users

We don’t want our clients to miss out on any market share in their search engine marketing campaign; by leveraging both Google Adwords and Bing Ads, our clients can reach search users on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Bing Ads allows for significant customization including allocating more funds towards reaching users of a specific demographic.

Now is the time to get your business involved with Bing Ads. Right now, few companies are running SEM campaigns utilizing Bing, which means the bids for ad placement is extremely affordable. With little competition, you can place a great ad with tons of exposure for a very low cost. Bing allows you to import Google Adsense; we can migrate your entire Adsense campaign with the same structure and content in minutes!

The RankHigher team is excited to implement their new specialized Bing Ads knowledge with current and future SEM initiatives. The entire office would like to send a big thank you out to Bing and to Andrew Yang for generously lending us their time and effort to help our team gain specialized knowledge of Bing Ads best practices.